One year of self-employment: a retro

November 9, 2021 • Reading time: 5 minutes

A year ago today, I left my last job to do a 3-month batch at the Recurse Center, followed by... something. I never really articulated what that something was going to be, which was part of the point. I wanted to take some time to discover what really motivated me as a person.

A big part of the "something" has turned out to be, a project that I launched recently and continue to develop full-time.

I expect to be on that journey for the rest of my life, but a year on, I do have a few thoughts to share. In honour of one tradition I don't miss, the sprint retro, I'll structure my insights according to the good ol' liked/lacked/learned/longed for format.


screenshot showing git commit frequency accelerating since leaving my job



Longed for

Action items

No retro would be complete without action items, right?