Programmer without portfolio. Former leader of the Pirate Party of Canada. Currently attending Recurse Center remotely from Montreal. I like to build stuff sometimes.


My initial plan for this week was to do some more work on RefCell, but I forgot that Tuesday was December 1, which means that Advent of Code 2020 is kicking off! I'd never heard of it before, but looking through past years piqued my interest, so I decided to use it as an excuse to improve my abysmal Python skills.

This article should more properly be titled "RefCell", that being the name of this week's project, but I didn't want to bury the lede. So, having failed to build anything with a UI last week, I set out to build something with a UI this week: an implementation of the FreeCell card game in Rust using Druid. Naturally, I named it RefCell. And... I failed.

This is my first real project week at Recurse Center. For other Recursers, it was generative art and music week, but that didn't really jive with my own goals (though it was a lot of fun to be a fly on the wall for the presentations). Instead, I built something completely different from what I promised to build last week: a little proxy to allow you to modify iCalendar feeds "in flight". (No relation to the Apple app, BTW.)

Today is the last day of my first week at Recurse Center. To avoid overloading the feeds of anyone who may be listening, I'm aiming for a weekly release schedule.

It's almost time. This week is my last full week at Lightspeed; starting next week, I will be joining the embarking on a new journey of technical- and self-discovery at the Recurse Center. Exciting as it is, I also have to face the reality that "learn how to learn stuff" and "remember how to build stuff" aren't the most specific goals.


It's time for to evolve. That seems insignificant for a simple personal portfolio site, but it's part of a much bigger change in my life. I'm moving on to bigger and better things, and I'll be using this site to keep a record of that journey. Mostly this is for my own benefit, giving me a trail to look back on and remind myself where I've been and what I've learned along the way. It's also for friends, as I've abandoned social media and am not eager to jump back into any of that.


Crikey IRC

An IRC library written in Rust.


Mysterium Card Reader

A simple application to select Mysterium cards so you don't have to.